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4 Reasons Not Having a Social Media Strategy Can Hurt Your Business

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It’s hard to imagine that there are still businesses out there that don’t appreciate the power that digital marketing and social media offers.

It’s actually pretty common that a new business wants to get discovered and increase sales, but they don’t want to invest the time or money in a proper social media strategy. And while there are some great benefits to creating a successful social media strategy, not having one can really hurt your business.

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Speling Misstakes! eeerrrgghhh

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If you are dyslexic, I feel your pain.

Not many people know that I am horribly dyslexic. Seriously, it’s been a life long struggle. Not one that has ever resolved with a ‘happy ever after’ ending! When I was in the first year of school (a year earlier than other kids mind you), I discovered that I was in fact also completely ambidextrous. ‘Ooooh, that sounds fun’ – not!

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Getting more control over your Instagram ads?

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Just what you need to know!

If you are looking at Instagram advertising,  good chance you are already familiar with Instagram.  It’s a powerful social media that has launched many unknown food / fitness / product / fashion / travel…unknowns into digital stardom. As you would already know, Instagram only really works by app on your mobile device. Instagram was not designed for PC.

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Three Ways to Connect with Potential Clients via Twitter

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You’re active on social media – you’ve set up your blog, crafted your profiles, written great cornerstone content and optimised everything in line with best practise principles. Now you need people to connect. And not just any people, you need to reach a specific group – your potential clients. There’s no point having hundreds of people read your blog if there’s zero chance any of them are going to buy your stuff. So how do you get your message in front of the people most likely to become business partners?

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