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Speling Misstakes! eeerrrgghhh

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If you are dyslexic, I feel your pain.

Not many people know that I am horribly dyslexic. Seriously, it’s been a life long struggle. Not one that has ever resolved with a ‘happy ever after’ ending! When I was in the first year of school (a year earlier than other kids mind you), I discovered that I was in fact also completely ambidextrous. ‘Ooooh, that sounds fun’ – not!

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Create Great Slogans

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A slogan is an advertising tag-line or phrase that advertisers create to visually expresses the importance and benefits of their product or service.

Every day we see millions of messages and catchphrase everywhere from print media to online advertisements.
True, there are some slogans that we know by heart but millions of them have come and gone that we hardly ever noticed.
What is it about an advertising slogan that catapults it into fame? Aside from having outstanding brand recall, they have a positive “x” factor that makes us look twice.

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