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The Font War Continues

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It is NO secret that there are some fonts that are a swear word in the book of design. Comic Sans is amongst the swear words, and in my opinion, it’s not THE worst, but sits alongside others like New Times Roman – no better – no worse!



Here is an interesting video from Business Insider ‘Why you should use an ugly font like Comic Sans’

Now, let me be clear about this I AM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD USE AN UGLY FONT LIKE COMIC SANS, but the angle in this video, brings a good argument (and apparently researched with actual numbers), however, I will emphasise, the point is using an ugly font like Comic Sans may have it’s place in education or training ONLY. Perhaps I’m too critical, or perhaps coming from a design background, if a training slide popped up in front of my eyes in Comic Sans, I know my brain would disengage. I couldn’t possibly take the teacher / lecturer seriously after that.

I’d love to know what you think. Drop me a line. Just don’t swear at me or send me a message in Comic Sans!