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The Font War Continues

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It is NO secret that there are some fonts that are a swear word in the book of design. Comic Sans is amongst the swear words, and in my opinion, it’s not THE worst, but sits alongside others like New Times Roman – no better – no worse!



Here is an interesting video from Business Insider ‘Why you should use an ugly font like Comic Sans’

Now, let me be clear about this I AM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD USE AN UGLY FONT LIKE COMIC SANS, but the angle in this video, brings a good argument (and apparently researched with actual numbers), however, I will emphasise, the point is using an ugly font like Comic Sans may have it’s place in education or training ONLY. Perhaps I’m too critical, or perhaps coming from a design background, if a training slide popped up in front of my eyes in Comic Sans, I know my brain would disengage. I couldn’t possibly take the teacher / lecturer seriously after that.

I’d love to know what you think. Drop me a line. Just don’t swear at me or send me a message in Comic Sans!


You Should NEVER Lower Your Rate

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While this is a sensitive subject and I have some strong opinions myself on this subject, I think that we should in fact, not be intimidated about discussing it. It’s a fact of daily work life – for us anyway, and if you are in business, it will be for you too.

Of course over the years, personal friends and family have asked us to design for free.  (it would be much nicer if friends and family would adopt an attitude of ‘hey we love and value your talent and want to bless you because we want to see you grow and succeed’, but in the real world – that doesn’t happen). Now let’s keep a good balance here, of course I am going to help my niece with a new logo for her brand new business – I want to see her succeed and I want to be part of that! But, no sorry, I am not going to help her friends neighbour because he ‘doesn’t have any money’.  But that’s another story for another day.

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