drone media, making your ideas fly

Hampshire based, aerial drone photography and video solutions

I can now combine branding, design, websites and drone videography to deliver stunning solutions to your marketing.

Using the latest in drone technology to provide high definition footage from an elevated perspective. My drone aerial photography puts the camera in the best possible place to create stunning promotional images for capturing unique and intimate perspectives on residential and commercial property,  construction, special events, sporting events, advertising, weddings, architecture, and documentaries.

Speak to me now about how to save you money and time to promote your business, sales or event, showing your clients the potential, work in progress and complete projects. I am fully insured and licensed to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with permissions for aerial work granted by the C.A.A.

Affordable high-quality media, our drones capture the most stunning aerial video up to 4K resolution, as well as high quality still images and our flight skills produce unique angles and beautiful shots.

Buildings, Towers and Roof Surveys, Insurance Inspections, Aerial Land & Property Surveying, Marketing and Promotional Videos, Real Estate, Environmental Control/Monitoring, Planning applications, Agriculture, 3D mapping.

How can you use drones to save you money and time?

Say goodbye to cherry-pickers and light aircraft, you will save a fortune on hiring equipment, pilots, and days of planning.


Architects – your client has a piece of land overlooking a bay and would like to see the potential view from the 1st floor, yet to build. No problem. Give me the plans and heights and I can have those photos and video of the views to your client in just a few moments.

Developers – with investors, insurance and clients, your project manager can have our drones do time-lapse images and video as your project progresses, eliminating sight walks and improving safety as well as time efficiency.